A major or prolonged disease can lead to a dent in finances and in some case can just throw finances out of gear. As the medical expenses continue to rise it is becoming increasingly important to buy a cover against such expenses. However, buying the health or medical insurance can be a complexed process on account of confusing policy terms, fine prints, varied riders and restrictions on cover against specific ailments for a specific time and or complete exclusion.

How Credit Yoga can help?

At Credit Yoga, we maintain an exhaustive list of all important components pertaining to health covers available from varied insurance companies. Our insurance experts’ guidance can help you chose the right policy and cover for you and your loved.

Types of health insurance

Hospitalization plans cover you against the expenses of hospitalization. These most popular medical cover entitles you to both cashless or cash claims (cashless claims are passed in case of such tie up with specific hospitals). The sum assured determines the pay out against the actual expense. Apart from these there may be limitation to pay out on a specific expense like room charges/ operation theatre charges etc.

These covers can be issued both as individual policy (for one person) or as a family floater policy (all family members get covered up to the sum assured)

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